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We Are More Than Our Stores

While Goodwill is best known for our popular retail thrift stores, they only scratch the surface of our story. We accept and sell donated items for multiple reasons and with many benefits!

Our stores generate revenue that allow Goodwill to offer free employment and career services. 90¢ of every dollar earned in our retail stores supports programs and services. Many Southwest Floridians want to work, but they need help identifying their skills or abilities, finding employment, and learning how to succeed long-term.

Goodwill provides services to job seekers, those who want to advance in their career (including our own employees), and employers throughout our area who need to fill permanent, full-time positions that offer benefits and a career path.

Thanks to our retail stores, Goodwill diverts about 30 million pounds of items from our landfills every year. Many items that can’t be offered for sale in our stores or online are sold for recycling, further funding our programs and services.