VIP Perks

The Rewards Program
That Keeps On Rewarding!

• Beginning on October 15th, 2019, members began earning points every time they shopped.

• Members receive 5% rewards points towards the total purchase of donated goods, no minimum required.

• This program is only valid when you shop in our Southwest Florida locations, which include Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Hendry counties.


New & Improved!

• Your VIP Perks membership is tied to customer rewards, in which you earn points on donated goods purchased.

• Tell your cashier you are a VIP Perks member and reward points will accrue automatically at the register.

• The new program enables us to offer a wider variety of exclusive deals to our members, which include extra sales days, additional exclusive VIP discounts, special birthday perks, buy-one-get-ones (BOGO), special invites, and discounts to Goodwill events.

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Earn Points Every Time You Shop!

Points earned can be redeemed nearly any time
on purchases and can only be used as such.
Points have no cash value.