Five Things You Didn't Know About Goodwill

Here Are Five Fun Facts You Should Know About Goodwill SWFL!


This is John, our CEO.

Like other nonprofits, Goodwill is managed by respected business leaders and a volunteer board of directors which provides guidance. Goodwill isn't "owned" by anybody.   

Our CEO, John Nadeau, has been with Goodwill for more than 13 years holding senior-level management positions throughout his career. Nadeau also has 23 years of extensive experience running and operating an upscale retail grocery store. Nadeau's combined years of experiences make him very proficient in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.  

Is he making a million dollars each year? No, but he is fairly compensated for someone who has a great deal of experience and the responsibility of managing more than 860 employees and ensuring that one of Southwest Florida's largest nonprofits is fulfilling its mission.


Our stores are designed to support our mission services.

A lot of folks think our stores are just places that sell used items to people who have low incomes. While we're happy we can provide affordable goods, our stores do so much more. When we sell those items, the money we raise goes toward the many programs and services we provide in Southwest Florida.   

So, just like a hospital auxiliary thrift store helps the community through the hospital, a Goodwill store helps the community through all of those services that Goodwill provides.


This year, we helped someone you know.

Maybe their son or daughter attends our Pathways to Opportunity adult day-training. Maybe we helped them write a resume or we showed them how to interview for a job. Maybe they were at risk of dropping out of school and we helped them explore vocational careers. Maybe they attended our small business training MicroEnterprise courses. Or maybe they live in one of our safe, affordable apartments. 

Last year, our many programs and services helped more than 23,000 folks here in Southwest Florida.

Now that you know the truth about Goodwill, please help
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