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Volunteer Opportunities

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida utilizes volunteers for numerous activities throughout the year. We are always in need of friendly faces to:

• Act as hosts/hostesses at the Festival of Trees and other events.

• Help clean and straighten our Retail & Donation Centers.

• Provide light clerical assistance at our administrative office and Community Resource Centers.

• Occasionally, bake cookies!

See our list of volunteer positions, or just let us know your talents, and we'll find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteer Application Forms


Email volunteerapps@goodwillswfl.org

Fax (239) 652-1654.

If you need assistance, please visit one of our Community Resource Centers.

Volunteer At Goodwill Events

Contact Rachel Stanborough

In addition to volunteering for Goodwill events, we also seek volunteer mentors for the SWFL MicroEnterprise and other external fundraisers we hold throughout the year.

All of our volunteers proudly follow our Corporate Compliance policies. Here in Southwest Florida, approximately 90% of the revenue we earn is spent on our mission services. This is a very healthy number in the nonprofit world, and a solid indicator of our commitment to good stewardship of your donations. Goodwill adheres to a strong Corporate Compliance philosophy that demonstrates what our organization stands for, including its ethical, social, and environmental values.

Corporate Compliance Manual for Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida, Inc.

Goodwill Volunteers Share Their Stories

Soy Williams volunteers her time at Goodwill to curate the collection and sale of fine art at the blue Boutiques in Downtown Fort Myers and Ave Maria. She oversees the distribution of all the art, directing each piece to maximize the benefit to Goodwill mission services.

Soy believes in honoring the donations of our generous donors and preserving the legacy of fine art. "Part of what we want to do with fine art is elevate everyone's shopping experience by paying more attention to it, featuring it, and giving it some extra attention," explains Soy. "Also, people that donate things to us, and we sell them, and we honor it by selling them at a good price. It gives them an opportunity to see where their contributions are actually working to help the mission."

Soy Williams
2021 Breakthrough Volunteer

Steven is dedicating to making a difference, reserving several days a week to focus on MicroEnterprise.  He says, volunteering as a coach is very rewarding.

"I've been a coach now for over 5 years.  I will tell you that it has been satisfying, it has been fun, it has been challenging," laughed Steve. "And, when the teaching team goes home at night, we are in high spirits. As we are walking out the door, there is a smile on everyone's face and we are sharing little quips. It's fun."

Steven Johnson
MicroEnterprise/2020 Breakthrough Volunteer

"We look forward to the event every year," say the three sisters on Festival of Trees.

All three sisters love dogs and eagerly volunteer helping shelter animals. And they'll be back for more at the next Festival of Trees!

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Tiffany, Angel, and Melissa Brueckner
2018 Breakthrough Volunteers

"My family has been involved in Goodwill for 20+ years. It's very fulfilling to see loved ones at camp make new friendships and participate in new activities while also making memories to bring back home."

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Ann Arnall
Breakthrough Volunteer