Community Service Hours

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida is able to provide community service hours for some individuals who have been required to perform court-ordered community service. 

Not all offenders are eligible for community service hours.  If you are under 16 years of age, or if you have committed a violent offense, a crime involving the use of any type of weapon, involving abuse to either humans or animals, or received any type of theft charges, we will not be able to provide community service to you.

If you are interested in performing your community service hours at Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida, please contact

Community Service: Contact Community Service Coordinator for the court appointed (239) 995-2106 Ext. 2217

You can also print a copy of our packet hereMINOR Volunteer Application or ADULT Volunteer Application.

Send Applications to or you may fax your completed application in to (239) 652-1654