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Pressure Washing!


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Goodwill Janitorial Services can now clean your business-both inside and out!  Our trained janitorial services staff can pressure wash your building, sidewalk, patio, deck, fence, and parking lot for a clean, professional appearance.

Pressure washing is effective for removal of dirt, algae, mold, grease, and even chewing gum.  Great for post-construction cleaning, too!
Goodwill's sustainable cleaning methods reduce water usage and lessen the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.  When requested, we can utilize environmentally safe chemicals and even provide chemical-free cleaning.


Benefits of Pressure Washing:

  • Improve appearance by removing unsightly dirt, mold, algae and rust stains
  • Prevents slips and falls by removing grease and other substances
  • Increase the life of your building's exterior and paint
  • Extends the life of your driveway, porch and deck
  • Reduces and slows premature aging of your building, rot, and decay.


For more information call (239) 872-8216 or (239) 995-2106 ext 2269 or email Durward Hussey