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Monster Savings!

Who needs those over-priced Halloween costume outlets?

Goodwill can help you get ready for Halloween for a fraction of the price! Create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume with gently-used items from our Retail & Donation Centers!





Halloween Look-Book for more Costume Ideas

Halloween Look Book

Need a little more inspiration?   
Even more DIY Costume Ideas:


Pink tank top, T-shirt, or blouse, pastel-color pants or skirt, pastel-color heels, blonde wig. Accessorize with large plastic jewelry.


White shirt, black pants, white socks, red and black necktie, black shoes.  Accessorize with glasses, use wire to make necktie stand up at odd angle.


Brightly-colored vest, tube top or swimsuit top, baggy, flowing pants, ballet-style slippers, scarves (worn as belt or in hair).


Bridal gown or long white nightgown, veil or white half slip worn over head as veil.  Accessorize with a bouquet of flowers, or add a crazy hairstyle and blood to be the "Bride of Frankenstein."

Construction Worker

White tank top or T-shirt, jeans, work boots.  Accessorize with tool belt, tools, hard hat, rub dirt/dust on clothes.

Peter Pan/Pixie

Green scrubs (tattered at bottom), tights, hat made of folded green napkin.  Accessorize with green tights, feather in cap.

"Tickled Pink"

All pink attire with a pink feather (make sure to tickle people with it).


Black T-shirt or sweatshirt, black sweatpants, black shoes. Use yellow felt to create lines in the "road," glue toy cars on either side of the lines.


Short-sleeved button-up shirt, bow tie, dark or plaid pants (too short), white socks, dark shoes.  Accessorize with calcuator and black-framed glasses (or sunglasses with the lenses popped out).


Red sweatshirt, stuffed with newspaper and decorated with spots made of black felt, black pants or leggings, black shoes & socks.  Accesorize with antennae made of pipe cleaners.

Black-Eyed Pea

White T-shirt or sweatshirt with a gigantic "P" painted on it, black pants and shoes.  Use makeup to create a "black eye" on your face.


Brown shorts or pants, rope for drawstring, belt with large buckle (worn across chest), sandals. Accessorize with a shoulder-length brown wig.

Helen of Troy or Nero

White sheet (worn toga-style), sandals, gold or brightly-colored sash. Accessorize with gold jewelry, crown made of grape leaves.   


Puffy or peasant-style blouse, flowing skirt, scarf around head, big costume jewelry.  Carry a small upside down bowl as a "crystal ball." 


Baby-doll dress or overalls, opaque pastel tights, flat shoes or ballet slippers.  Accessorize with pale face paint, painted-on freckles, bright pink lipstick, bows in hair.

Pro Athlete

Athletic jersey, matching shorts or sweat pants, white or black athletic  socks, sneakers, helmet or uniform hat.  Add eye-black, grass stains for more authentic look. 


Hawaiian Shirt, swimsuit top or tank top, sandals, cut-off shorts or board shorts, sunglasses.


Short black suit jacket or vest, white ruffled blouse, black short-shorts, black nylons or leggings, black high heels. Accessorize with top hat or cane.


White pants or skirt, white sneakers, light blue or white blouse, hat made of folded white napkin.  Accessorize with white hose, red felt crosses on blouse and hat.

FBI Agent

Black suit, red or black tie, trench coat, badge, sunglasses.